Anadelta Tessera Demo

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Anadelta Tessera Demo

You can design a road project from start to finish, without time or other limits.

This version has all the features of the Professional version, except for printing and data exporting.


Sophisticated Road Design

  • Full support for intersection & interchange design, as well as service roads
  • Automatic creation of composite cross sections at road junctions
  • Intuitive, visual construction of the road corridor with real-time feedback to the user
  • Rich library of typical cross sections, easily modified and expanded
  • Corridor rehabilitation
  • Road surface slope visualization
  • Extensive visibility analysis (visibility distance, automatic side space expansion)
  • Mass Haul tables, Bruckner diagram calculation
  • Advanced terrain modeling and visualization
  • 3D environment with editing capabilities
  • Easy production of 3D presentation videos of finished projects
  • Built-in scripting language
  • Complete, stand-alone development environment (does not require, but can interoperate with external CAD software)