Anadelta Software

is a dynamic software development company with many years of experience in the CAD, accounting software and document management markets. We strive to keep our products in the cutting edge of technology in order to meet our customers' expectations.

Since 1994 Greek civil engineers trust Anadelta Software to be their technology partner in designing and constructing road networks with speed and accuracy. Our programs have been traditionally established as the ideal solutions for road infrastructure design and construction.

In addition, Anadelta Software has developed accounting software suitable for Greek Chambers. Since 1993, it has been installed and is currently being used in almost all Greek Technical Chambers.

Anadelta Software is also active in a number of vertical markets, having a long history of developing specialized products and custom solutions. We have the technical know-how as well as the human resources and the experience necessary to quickly and efficiently complete projects of any scale, both in the CAD and in the data storage and management areas.

Specifically in the Document Management sector, Anadelta Software has the expertise required to undertake and bring to successful completion large-scale document storage and retrieval projects. A large number of such custom applications in the Greek market are based on one of Anadelta Software's specialized solutions. Advanced software technology combined with our real world experience is key to building and supporting an efficient Document Management system.

We are committed to supporting and listening to our customers, from the initial training to the successful delivery of their projects. Currently, Anadelta Software maintains offices in Athens and Lamia, Greece.


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