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Version 3.8.1


  • List of items under the mouse (Disable from Tools/General Options)
  • Alt+click makes a circular selection of the objects under the mouse
  • Save as opens in current project folder
  • Option (Tools/General Options) to Import/Export files from/to the last used folder or from the project folder
  • Enter key repeats the last command
  • Bulge property even on drawing lines with two points
  • Can drag and drop jpg and png files
  • Fixes in Arc and polyline with budges display
  • Better Edit Ring Road window
  • Road and intersection calculation messages are now correctly ordered
  • Crash fixed in intersection calculations
  • The most important options in right-click menu of a road and intersection are now bold
  • Ability to select a "filled" road from it's interior
  • Road direction arrows
  • Double clicking a road name in View Settings, higlights it
  • Option to create terrain points from 3D drawing lines
  • Option to create a new terrain with points on a grid with Min, Max, Average and Median options
  • Larger DEM files handled (64 bit version)
  • Faster drawing of large DEMs
  • Fixes in technical structures
Cross Sections
  • Fixes in calculation order after a line copy/paste
  • Trailing .00s are not shown when printing grid with crosses
  • Fixes in layer naming and widths of the road PI tables when exported to DXF
  • Skipping empty layers when exporting triangles in DXF
  • DXF Export: Changed $INSUNITS to meters when exporting blocks
  • The wrong DXF version detection when importing DXFs is fixed
  • Fixes in MTEXT and arc handling
Version 3.8.0


  • Repeat last command (Tools menu or key "R")


  • "Yes to all" option when deleting roads from the road manager
  • Fixes on recent files list
  • Stability improvements
  • Updating roads from cross sections "remembers" user options
  • Better new version check handling
  • Fixes on PDF export including images
  • Faster drawing for polylines with arcs
  • Intersections: New types of transition curves
  • Better cross section legend
  • Select all roads on road printing preferences
  • Export road occupancy areas to .csv with polygons drawings and indexes
  • Better Ring road edit window
  • Better copying of roads (keeps preferences if needed)
  • Fixes on Horizontal Alignment Data window
  • Station CP skipped when needed in Simple Stationing
  • Create flow line per station (ring roads only)
  • New road preferences: One or two way traffic, traffic direction
  • Better snap on road
  • Export DEM to .tif file
  • "New terrain with slopes" option expanded to DEM type terrains
  • When creating contour for DEM files you can select a resolution
  • Fixes on ring road profile
  • Fixes on files loading
  • Fixes on structures handling
Cross Sections
  • Bulk export of DXF files for multiple roads
  • Bulk export of mass tables for multiple roads
  • Improved Mass Table export in Excel
  • Fixed a problem of not updating cross sections on DEM terrains
  • Fixes on Cross Section Group management
  • Fixed erroneous layer names on cross section DXF export
  • Empty layers for missing road elements are now skipped
  • Fixes on Autocad 12 files import
Version 3.7.5


  • Shift clicking on a drawing line selects all the lines from the same layer
  • Drag&drop support for georeferenced .jp2 images
  • Better EPSG detection
  • Better no-value detection in DEM files
  • A message is shown when the georeference is missing
  • Option "Yes to all" when deleting roads from the Project Manager
  • New selected Cross Section legend with the option to jump to the Cross section environment
  • Option to hide legends
  • The right click menu of the road has the option to update from Cross Sections
  • Corrections on road to 3D conversion
  • Corrections on road to terrain conversion
  • Better intersection display
  • Better circular road insertion
  • Better handling of erroneous 3d meshes from external files
  • Fixes on mass triangle deleting
  • New option "Update roadlines" on the right click menu of a selected PI line
  • Add new option "Merge with next PI" on the right click menu of a selected PI line
  • Stability fixes
Cross Sections
  • Stability fixes
  • Fixed disabled options in Mass Calculations form
  • Better export lines to ASCII
  • Fixed diagram handling when the start chainage is not zero
  • Better text input
  • Better closed polyline and hatch output
Version 3.7.1


  • Faster calculation and update when the project has dozens of roads
  • Display fixes for multiple open projects
  • The diagrams window updates when the selected road changes
  • Added an edit Diagrams button
  • Smaller PDF files
  • Fixes in the project administration form
  • Fixes in WMS memory management
  • Export to obj files has more textures and roadlines are shown
  • Fixed arrows not showing
  • Fixed wrong colors in 3d triangle drawing
  • Fixed a 3D update crash
  • Calculation of the elevation of a polyline, based on the elevation of the road surface underneath the polyline.
  • Added more cases in Landxml file importing
  • Can now export to CSV and Excel from the menu Road -> Road PIs
  • Added a menu option for importing Diagrams in Horizontal Alignment
  • Breaking a road keeps the manually added Superelevation diagrams
  • Fixed in structure calculations when superlevations are missing
  • Fixed field naming in Rail project
  • When converting a drawing line to a breakline fails, the problematic point is selected
  • Fixed triangle drawing when manually adding them
  • The terrain color legend can be collapsed with double clicking on the title
  • Can now export profile lines from multiple roads at once
  • Added option to export all roads to DXF at once
  • Better selected lines display
  • Fixed drawing problems
  • Fixes in secondary windows
Cross Sections
  • Can now right click to select any line under the cursor
  • Added colors to line selection interface
  • Updated icons
  • Added a progress bar on group calculations
  • Fixed crashes in flag selection form
  • Better secondary window handling
  • Better support for older Autocad version when exporting PI data to blocks
  • Fixed some ignored TEXT elements in DXF import
  • Show directory after exporting DXF files
Version 3.7.0


  • Speedups on program start time
  • New icons
  • Fixes for high DPI screens
  • Distance measure tools supports multiple points
  • Easier unselect all in view settings
  • Fixed Hasp New version check
  • Can export data from multiple roads at once
  • Import road from LandXML
  • Option to Translate, Rotate and Resize road polyline
  • Import circular road option
  • Can create road from drawing line with arcs
  • Option to create road diverge
  • Option to turn next road line
  • Road to LandXML export fixes
  • More data ton Road stations to ASCII export
  • Can set the number of decimal digits in csv export
  • "Smart" road select window
  • Fixes in Road Export to LandXML
  • Better handling of inside turn widenings
  • Can snap on intersection elements
  • Can convert Profile positions to drawing
  • Option to center selected object
  • Can place multiple stations on on session
  • Added colors on the road to terrain convertion
  • Road to terrain convertion stablity fixes
  • Road preferences can now be opened from the right mouse button menu
  • Can now print the swept path axis
  • Can import terrain from LandXML
  • Importing a geo-rereferenced image can now have an Angle
  • Fixes on terrain loading from adf files
  • Fixed a crash on terrain simplification
  • Fixed a crash on convex haul creation
  • Fixes in Profile real length printing
  • Various printing fixes
Cross Sections
  • New toolbar icons
  • Fixes in line concatenation
  • Fixes in PDF creation in 64bit versions
  • Option to export Road PI tables as Blocks in DXF
  • Better handling of colors and layers in block importing
  • Better handling of multi-level blocks
  • Fixes in DXF 2018 import
  • Add a progress bar in DXF import
  • Opens a window with the created DXF
  • Better import of 3D-FACES
Version 3.6.1


  • All drawings can be exported to PDF files.
  • Fixed images display issues on monitors larger than 2048 pixels.
  • Fixed problems in the Horizontal Alignment to Cross section update process.
  • Fixed problems in the Horizontal Alignment to Profile update process.
  • Support for textures in 3D obj file export.
  • Fixes in ellipses import in DXF files.
  • General stability fixes.
  • Drag and dropping tif files automatically recognizes and imports them as DEM or geo - image.
  • Exporting road axis to DXF now optimizes polylines.
  • Fixes for "filled" road display.
  • Fixes for DEM display issues.
  • Support for multiline text.
  • Fixes for Bruckner print issues.
  • Fixed Profile slope printing problems.
Cross Sections
  • Warning for missing diagrams.
  • Automatic slope insertion fixes.
  • Editing points was not working correctly.
Version 3.6.0


  • Tessera files (adf) open faster.
  • Fixes in DXF import and export.
  • Better support for multiple screens.
  • Updates from Horizontal Alignment to Cross sections and Profile are faster now.
  • Option to partial update a road horizontal alignment's cross sections.
  • Option to install Tessera for multiple users.
  • The Tessera installer file is digitally signed.
  • Support for external georeferenced images (tif, ecw, etc)
  • Can import drawings from KML, KMZ, SHP, Geojson and other vector formats.
  • Drawing lines can be show in the 3D view.
  • The 64bit version can export videos with the x264 codec (smaller file and better quality).
  • WMS image is corrected when the coordinate systems are different.
  • WMS is now faster and more robust.
  • Importing terrain points from ASCII fixes.
  • "Raw" stationing can add cardinal stations now.
  • Terrain DEM support (heights on a grid).
  • Option to create terrain with slopes from a drawing line. PRO version only.
  • Contour height texts distance option.
  • Option to delete terrain points inside or outside a drawing line.
  • Scan triangulation for holes is faster.
  • Fixed the export 3D to DXF option.
  • A DEM terrain can be imported from raster formats (TIF etc).
  • TIN Terrain can be converted from/to DEM.
  • LandXML fixes and improvements.
Cross Sections
  • The order of printed axis is now based on the order of tasks.
  • Stability fixes.
  • When importing ΧΥΗ from ASCII files you can choose if the 1st point is on the left or on the right.
  • The Batch Actions window remembers the last selected typical cross section.
  • Fixes in the axes display.
  • Fixed in the superelevation diagram DXF export.
Version 3.5.0


  • Save images compressed in the .adf file. Files created with this version (3.5) will not show images if loaded on previous versions.
  • Fixed overlapping windows problem.
  • Fix out of screen window problem.
  • Fixed deep zoom problems.
  • Right click now correctly show all items below the pointer.
  • Added shortcut for "Save As". (Ctrl + Shift + S)
  • Stability fixes on the Project Management window.
  • Added the ability to export to .KML. The project coordinate system should be setup in the General Options.
  • Can now open the current location in Google Maps. The project coordinate system should be setup in the General Options.
  • The program can now get the background image from a WMS server (beta).
  • Option to import images as a drawing from WMS server (beta)
  • Ability to import structures ASCII
  • You can now pan by holding down the Space button and moving the mouse/touchpad
  • Stability fixes in PI editing.
  • Fixes on the recalculation of road wideninings in some cases.
  • Fixes on the road lines printing.
  • Added timestamp on Messages.
  • Fixed a calculation issue on road with zero clothoid and double PIs.
Swept paths
  • Library with vehicle types. Vehicle profile and top view.
  • Option to copy and modify existing vehicles.
  • Real time indicators on the modification process.
  • The vehicle path can be easily set.
  • Can place a test on a path in real time.
  • Multiple ways of back. wheel turning.
  • Can calculate the paths for the whole road.
  • Can import DXF file even when the file is open in another program.
  • Better handling of DXF files with nested blocks.
  • Invisible attributes and special blocks are now ignored.
  • Can import polylines with arcs.
  • Better color handling when importing a DXF.
  • Better linetype and linetype scale handling.
  • Improvements in TEXT import.
  • DXF import consumes less memory.
  • No more creating empty layers for things which will not be exported.
  • DIMENSIONS are imported and converted to drawings.
  • Hidden layers are still hidden after imported.
  • Fixed corrupt DXF exporting in some cases with invalid layer names and invalid line types.
  • Option to select terrain points with criteria (name, X, Y, Z) from the menu Edit / Batch Selection.
  • Option to create Breaklines from the selected points.
  • UTF-8 encoding option when importing terrain points from ASCII.
  • Added a from line / to line options in terrain points from ASCII import.
Cross Sections
  • Fixes in cross section line deleting.
  • Fixes in DXF import.
  • Stability fixes(printing, calculation of lines with just 1 point, windows not on top, export areas to ASCII)
  • Polylines now can have arcs. (bulges)
  • Images have a transparency property now.
  • Can import PNG images.
  • Lines have a real length property.
  • Arc and circle scaling fixes.
  • Arc and circle drawing fixes.
  • Added option to delete all empty layers.
  • Snap option fixes.
  • Fixed program crashing after some image operations.
  • Better layer sorting.
64bit (beta)
  • Fixed accuracy issues when transfering terrain from Horizontal Alignment to Profile or Cross Sections.
  • Fixed a copy/paste issue.
Version 3.3.5


  • Option to select key when multiple found in a network
  • DXF loading enhancements
  • Safe mode file loading enhancements
  • Can now open DXF version 11/12 files
  • Stability improvements on 3D video exporting
  • Can now create flow lines
  • Fixes on road printing
  • Fixing on road to terrain convertion
  • Fixes for high DPI screens
  • Fixes on DXF exporting
  • Fixed a crash on Bruckner diagrams
Cross Sections
  • Option to create a circle drawing
  • Fixes for some graphics drivers
Version 3.3.1


  • Added Windows 10 Creators Update support
  • Fixed a problem with UTF-8 filenames
  • Fixes on structure calculation on sharp turns
  • Added the starting chainage on section pointers
  • Terrain can be simplified during ASCII import
  • Added superelevation values printing
  • DXF out enhancements
Version 3.3.0


  • LandXML export fixes
  • Safety criteria: Slope sign option
  • Stability improvements on welcome screen
  • Export KML for Google Earth and Google Maps
  • Fixes on road road printing preferences
  • Improvements on "Break Road" feature
  • Polyline step option for DXF exporting (Printing preferences)
  • Drawing clothoid options on inspector
  • Fixes on intersection DXF exporting
  • Fixes on "Multiple select" window
  • Stability improvements on volumetric calculations
  • Sorting option on terrain manager
  • Delete points inside/outside boundaries menu option
  • Showing starting chainage on windows it was missing
  • Many windows can fit more data
Cross Sections
  • Option to size many windows
  • Sorting option on many windows
  • Manage 3d objects menu option
Version 3.2.3


  • Stability improvements
  • Changing a road name updates all forms
  • Road name can be added as a prefix or suffix when exporting to DXF
  • Road section names can be hidden
  • Better snap to section
  • Terrain sorting fixes
  • Profile can be partially printed
  • Labels can be printed in each page
Cross Sections
  • Cross sections are pre-selected in forms
  • File names suggested when exporting
Version 3.2.2


  • LandXML compatibility improvements
  • Fixes on printing with canvas
  • New help and manual
  • Fixes on snap to intersection
  • Interface improvements (more windows can be resized etc)
  • Stability improvements
  • Widenings now print their start-end points
  • Intersection show their chainage on their properties
  • Aux lane widenings can be exported to ASCII
  • Accuracy fixes on volume calculation when using a border
  • Drawing lines can be copied to breaklines
  • Added option to invert sign when importing points from ASCII (southern hemisphere)
  • Lengths shown on superelevation diagram
  • Fixes on printing self-overlapping points
  • Fixes on Tangents/Curves diagram calculation
  • Ability to move freezed sections with buttons
  • Ability to offset parts of the profile
Cross Sections
  • New batch actions: Extend to intersection and Delete point
  • Many windows (pavings, sideslopes κλπ) can be resized and have a sort option
  • Added typical cross section statistics
Version 3.2.0


  • Export to LandXML
  • Can use a more memory on Windows 7+ 64bit
  • Fixes on blocks on Dxf import.
  • Can import Z from DXF LINEs.
  • Better handling of layer names on DXF exporting.
  • Trims layer names on Dxf exporting.
  • Visibility calculation enhanchments.
  • Emergency lane was dissapearing when automatic widenings are used.
  • Exported DXF files should be centered now.
  • Added chainage and distance from axis on Horizontal alignment data window.
  • Added marks when exporting auto widenings to DXF.
  • Added starting chainage where it was missing.
  • Added the option for small PI flags when printing.
  • Added the option to print overlapping points on axis.
  • Fixed crash after saving from 3D View.
  • Fixed problem when first station was not on chainage 0.
Version 3.1.1


  • 3D terrains are named from the 2D terrain.
  • Newer software Hasp dirvers.
  • Files can be locked when used (New option in General Options / Files).
  • Can specify Z when adding new terrain points.
  • Improvements in the DXF import window.
  • Stability improvements in object insertion.
Version 3.1.0


  • Fixes on printing margins.
  • Added start chainage on various places.
  • New drivers for Windows 8.1
  • Can print filled sideslopes.
  • When exporting to DXF Layers are named according to the corresponding road.
  • Fixes on width diagrams around intersections with wide angles.
  • Added printing of road radii.
  • Road description added in road options.
Cross Sections
  • Windows get scrollbars when window size is small.
  • Fixed a wrong sign in XYH import.
Version 3.0.9


  • Angle added to safety criteria.
  • Fixes to road renaming.
  • Can preview line widths.
  • Fixes to geo-referenced images.
  • Better Bruckner to DXF export.
Cross Sections
  • Can print line widths.
Version 3.0.8


  • Support for new usb key type.
  • Average V85 on road safety criteria.
  • Fixes on Autocad 2007 export.
  • Can import larger DXF files.
  • Alphabetical sort for roads.
  • Better support for Windows 8.
  • Can specify radius while inserting circles.
  • Terrain definition for iterative volume calculation.
  • Option to convert a drawing line to a perimeter.
Version 3.0.7


  • Improvements in the file backup mechanism.
  • Better formatting on Excel exporting.
  • Constant display of the zero superelevation line in the Superelevation Diagram.
  • Volumetric area boundaries now exported to DXF as continuous 2D polylines.
  • Improvements in importing a road from another project.
  • User interface fixes in Bruckner Diagram.
Cross Sections
  • Bugfix in Cross Sections printing process.
Version 3.0.6


  • Automatic updates between Horizontal Alignment, Profile and Cross Sections.
  • New backup files name scheme (_001.adf, _002.adf etc). User may select the number of backups and the storage location.
  • Output to Excel (2007 and newer versions) fixes.
  • Ability to copy selected terrain elements to another terrain.
  • Terrain lines improvements:
  • Per-line support for color and line type attributes.

    Now exported to DXF as continuous 3D polylines.

    When viewing a DXF file exported by Tessera in external software, they are properly drawn over terrain triangles.

  • Elevation difference under the mouse cursor is now displayed after a volume calculation has been performed.
  • Ability to produce presentation video files in Windows 7 has been restored.
  • Improvements in DXF output in Profile, superelevation, visibility, surfaces and Bruckner diagrams.
  • Improvements in saving and loading the default print options in Profile.
  • New ability to reset the diagrams used when testing a typical cross section to the road's initial values.
  • Drawing points have been added as a drawing element.
Version 3.0.5


  • Added French language.
  • The program can now run on Windows 8.
Version 3.0.4


  • Improvements in cross section group management.
  • Improvements in batch cross section calculation (oblique values).
  • Bugfixes in importing a line from internal library.
  • Bugfixes in diagram editing.
  • New naming convention for 3D objects
Version 3.0.3
  • Ability to specify degree of curvature for terrain contours when exporting to a DXF file.
  • Adjustment of decimal places when drawing, printing or exporting point and contour elevations.
  • New example script (TerrainAverageSlope.txt)
  • Various bug fixes in terrain, 3D and Welcome Screen code.
  • Support for importing and exporting Unicode DXF files.
Version 3.0.2
  • Create 3D object functionality restored in Project Management window.
  • Line widths now imported correctly from DXF files.
  • Maximum zoom-in limit changed to 0.1 mm per pixel.
  • Fixed wrong cross section hint in the 3D workspace.
  • Files without a Horizontal Alignment data section are now loaded correctly.
  • Vertical axis was upside down with respect to the Tangents/Curves diagram in the Diagrams window.
  • Terrain print settings can now be brought up from the Printing menu.
  • Areas under the volumetric calculation limit are now specifically reported as well as excluded from the total sums.
  • Superelevation diagram now updated when a road's starting chainage is changed.
  • Functional improvements in the visualization of the Superelavation diagram.
  • Selected objects can no longer be accidentaly deleted by pressing the Delete key while typing in a docked window.
Version 3.0.0


New work environment
  • Support for multiple docked windows.
  • Can display both 2D and 3D views of the project, as well as diagrams, properties and settings at the same time.
  • Ability to define, store and manage custom docking layouts.
  • Easy minimization, maximization and general management of docked views.
  • Ability to expand and restore the central window with one click, thus enabling the easy maximization of the working area whenever necessary.
  • New design, appearance and functionality:
  • New improved rulers, workspace grid, functionality icons and buttons, scrollbars and menus.

    Project thumbnails are now displayed on all Open Recent menus.

  • New 3D window.
  • New Superelevation Diagram window.
  • New hierarchical property system.
  • Grouped and nested properties greatly expand the scope of the property subsystem.

    New visual properties such as schematic display of the currently selected cross section, 3D rendering of the current road, as well as drawing pattern and text font selection.

    Many new properties.

  • New Object Inspector.
  • Customizable appearance and visual attributes (style, row size, property pages).

    Automatic adjustment of the window size to fit its contents when in the floating state.

    Automatic show/hide.

    Ability to align the values of numerical properties.

    Customizable rounding indication for numerical properties.

    Hide, show, minimize and resize specific properties, persistence of user settings.

    Different merging modes (common/all) when selecting multiple objects.

    Use of the built-in scripting language to filter the selection results.

    Display one or more properties of selected objects as a sorted list.

    Ability to export the list to plain ASCII, CSV or XML files.

  • Support for terrain layers.
  • Each layer (like each terrain) can have its own color and can be indepedently visible, printable and selectable.

    Export/import terrain points to and from specific layers.

  • Terrain triangles are now selectable objects with properties.
  • Terrain points and triangles now have their own, independent color property.
  • New visualization capabilities:
  • Shading of terrain elements (points, boundaries, breaklines, triangles, contours) based on their properties such as elevation, layer color, terrain color or their individual color.

    Independent display settings for the 2D, 3D and printing environments.

  • New printing engine that supports all screen terrain rendering modes (WYSIWYG) as well as all aforementioned capabilities.
  • Parametric terrain simplification algorithm.
  • Volumetric calculations:
  • Center of mass calculation for each cut & fill area, as well as global center of mass for both cuts & fills.

    Calculation of filtered average slopes.

    Ability to export cut & fill volumes to AutoCAD as solid objects for further processing or independent calculations.

    Calculation results are now persistent (i.e. saved to and loaded from the project file).

    Finer control of volumetric rendering settings.

    Ability to print results using any of the rendering options.

    Ability to export all prism coordinates, areas, volumes as well as centers of mass and calculation perimeters to a CSV or plain text file that can serve as a deliverable. The user can thus verify the results using an external spreadsheet program.

  • Ability to export 3D representations to AutoCAD DXF or Wavefront OBJ file formats.
Color scales
  • New color scale architecture.
  • Support for variable intervals, infinities, discrete or continuous interpolation.
  • Correct handling of values outise scale limits, either numerical or infinite.
  • Many new built-in scales, ability to easily modify or create new ones.
  • Automatic creation of parametric elevation scales.
  • New printable legends.
  • New system-wide color palette, improved color rendering and fidelity on screen as well as on the printer.
  • Improvements to color fidelity when exporting to DXF files.
  • New built-in polygon patterns.
  • New General Options window.
  • New Terrain Options window.
Welcome screen
  • Faster initialization and rendering, leading to improved start-up times.
  • Visual display of file opening.
  • New real-time animation system inside the sidebar:
  • Many demonstration tracks, displaying the capabilities of Tessera.

    Support for play, pause, next/previous scene, next/previous track, fast forward, reverse etc.

  • New unified diagrams for each road, facilitating project management.
  • Postscript printer support.
Horizontal alignment
  • Automatic station placement when creating a new road.
  • The road can be printed "solid".
  • Stations can now be selected by clicking on the road axis.
  • Station chainage can now be printed.
  • Ability to change the default names of cardinal sections.
  • Improvements in interhange display at merging points.